1st WoW :

After many sleepless nights and thousands of hours spent on finding the right ingredients , we've finally came up with our Menu, a Menu with a 100% commitment to serve the freshest , healthiest & tastiest food to suit everyone's appetite. (Even we already have nearly 20 years of experience in making authentic Japanese food :)

All of our food is freshly made and well packaged daily , any unsold packaged food will be given away or disposed at the close of the trading day, it is NO compromise!

2nd WoW :

After spending years in sales & customer services industry, we truly believe that ONLY a 100% satisfied employee would provide 100% customer satisfaction. So, don't get overwhelmed if our staff are too friendly to you.

Not only that, if you are NOT satisfied with any purchase from any of our stores, we will either replace the items or give you a full refund with "NO Question Asked"! We want to be the best money you'll ever spend.

3rd WoW :

We picked the top quality ingredients to make our food, we picked the reliable suppliers to stabilize our resources, we picked the friendly staffs to strengthen our customer services, hence, we only did it in ONE purpose - TO GET YOU TO PICK US.

Lastly, we LOVE to have your comment, either good or bad, especially the BAD one! We can't grow any bigger without your 100% sincere feedback.

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